What To Look For When Purchasing A Marijuana Grow Box

With the legalization of recreational marijuana in several states across the US, more people are choosing to grow personal use plants, and while intimidating at first, it is a rewarding experience that is as fun as it is enjoyable. When most individuals think of growing a plant of any kind, they envision a dirt-based system, and while a viable option, many professional growers go a different route. A hydroponic setup will provide a person with a more stable growing environment and help to eliminate a host of common issues.

Ventilation System

Airflow is a crucial component to a successful yield, and a grow box that is equipped with an automated ventilation system will ensure that a plant has the fresh air needed to thrive. When oxygen and carbon dioxide levels are depleted, or if an influx of the temperature inside the chamber is detected, the fans will automatically activate, filing the grow area with fresh air. An attached air filter helps to eliminate the presence of bugs and other exterior pathogens.

Automatic Fertilization

A plant needs food to grow, and a water-based system makes it easier to control and adjust the level of nutrients available to the plant. Systems with an automatic nutrient dispenser eliminate the stress of maintaining a feeding schedule and will automatically inject the required amount of each type of fertilizer when needed. Proper nutrition is key to ensuring the highest yield possible.

Water Sensors

A Marijuana Grow Box that is equipped with water sensors will automatically sense when the pH levels of the water become too high or low and make adjustments as needed. Manual testing is time-consuming and only provides feedback at the moment tested, while a grow setup will keep a continual eye on the health of the water in the plant’s environment, preventing crop loss.

Regardless of a person’s interest in growing cannabis, investing in a specialized grow box will ensure the best quality plants and bud possible. Grobo One is an all in one unit that is designed to simplify the process of producing any plant type and allows novices to master the art. Check out their site to learn more and discover the benefits of homegrown marijuana today.